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Thrive Tribe was established in 2009 and in the time since then, we have helped hundreds of thousands of people in many different communities across the UK to improve their lifestyle, health and wellbeing.

How have we done it?

There’s been no fad diets. We don’t prescribe any miracle cures. As an experienced Weight Management Provider, our weight management programmes have been designed by nutrition experts, physical activity specialists and behavioural psychologists – to deliver results through sensible, healthy, confidence-building lifestyle decisions.

Help your community to lose weight - the right way

The health risks of being overweight or obese are wide-ranging and include everything from type 2 diabetes and raised blood pressure to cardiovascular disease and mobility issues. Our multi-faceted programmes focus on behavioural change, rather than simply telling people to ‘eat less and exercise more’.

What you get

  • Professional weight management programmes, tailored to the needs of your communities and to each individual, to help achieve the health improvement goals within your area.

  • A range of options including one-to-one sessions with health coaches, 12-week group weight management programmes, access to online programmes and our online physical activity platform.

What your area's residents get

  • An initial consultation to determine which of our weight management options are most suitable.

  • Advice and support around nutrition, exercise and other factors such as sleep patterns and mental wellbeing.

  • Tailored advice and simple techniques to achieve long-term, sustainable lifestyle change.

  • Education on the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

  • No diets – instead, we focus on providing the knowledge and skills to lose weight and stay healthy.




people have lost weight by following our programmes


of the UK population is overweight

Our Weight Management Programmes


“Thrive Tribe’s commitment to delivering effective, high quality services is clear and has resulted in successful achievement of outcomes across the service.”

Peter Aston, Health Commissioner for East Sussex County Council

Together we can improve the wellbeing of your community

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