Programmes for people

thrive tribe's award-winning lifestyle and wellbeing programmes get results that make people happier and healthier.

Weight management

We’ve helped over 20,000 people lose weight through our in-house programmes. Our specialist team - including Dieticians, Physical Activity Experts and Behaviour Change Practitioners – have designed a variety of approaches that help people lose weight in a way that suits them. Disclaimer: none of our programmes are diets! Instead we focus on long term change and the development of sustainable, healthy habits.

Stop smoking

We’ve been providing stop smoking programmes for over 10 years and in March 2020 we helped our 100,000th smoker quit! Our team of trained advisors use a range of techniques to help our clients kick their habit for good, including face to face coaching sessions and our innovative tele-programme which was developed in conjunction with the University of California (trips to the Golden Coast not included, unfortunately!).

Mental wellbeing

Physical and mental well-being are inextricably linked and in our quest to help people improve their lifestyles, we have become experts in mental health too! We have developed resources, tools and training courses to help improve mental wellbeing and resilience and have also linked up with a number of other organisations in order to provide a holistic suite of mental wellbeing interventions. 

Health checks

It’s not just our cars that need an MOT! Thrive Tribe’s health checks can be delivered in community locations, healthcare settings and in workplaces. Each check lasts about half an hour and includes a range of clinical and non-clinical tests that provide an overall picture of an individual’s health and their risk of developing certain health conditions. We are fully compliant with the NHS Health Checks programme.

Workplace health

We work with organisations from top to bottom to create a lasting culture of health and wellbeing. Mars, Lotus, Saxonair and Naked Wines – to name a few - have all benefited from our unique approach. Our analytical tools allow us to dig deep and find out exactly how poor health might be affecting an organisation’s productivity. We then provide support to introduce bespoke strategies that result in measurable improvements.

Integrated services

Thrive Tribe specialises in providing bespoke, integrated health and wellbeing services that meet the needs of a specific area, community or workplace. We combine specialist programmes that target certain behaviours or habits with innovative marketing campaigns, health coaching, data analysis and community engagement. 

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