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The most accessible and affordable digital weight management solution on the market.

Obesity rates have increased and now pose a significant threat to health outcomes. In the last year 48% of people are estimated to have tried going on a diet, and studies show that 3 years following a weight loss programme, only 12% of users had kept off at least 75% of the weight they’d lost.

We can help change that by implementing cutting edge behaviour change techniques in your community, and achieve sustainable weight loss for all.

How have we done it?

We successfully combine an easy-to-use digital platform packed with programmes and resources with friendly support from trained health mentors to get powerful results.

Watch our video to take a peak inside:

Chrissi, 27, East Sussex

I have so enjoyed Gloji. If I'm honest when I first joined I didn't think it would work. I didn't think that watching some videos would make me change my lifestyle. I could not have been more wrong.

Gloji has given me the tools to make changes to my habits and lifestyle without really having to think about it. It's taught me that there is no quick fix or rush to lose as much weight possible but by making changes to my habits it then becomes second nature so the weight comes off without any effort.

Gloji is so much more than that though, my mood has improved, I'm sleeping better and instead of being exhausted I've got energy throughout the day. It's been such a massive help talking to Hannah every week or few weeks, she genuinely wants to know how I'm doing it isn't ever a telling off if I've had a bad week. The conversation is always supportive and constructive. She also sends me super helpful articles after every call that have been really useful.

100% recommend.

"My time with gloji has been an extraordinary experience.  An experience l have grown to love"

Lesley, 56, Surrey

"I feel so much more confident, stronger, happier and healthier than I ever have"

Stacey, 39, Oxfordshire

"Something I have been looking for for decades! For the first time, I am feeling healthier and losing weight without really trying. So, I will be continuing this journey through the support network. For me, the proof has been in the pudding ( healthy option of course)! Look forward to catching up in 6 months"

Nicola, Oxfordshire

"I leave the programme looking and feeling better physically than I have done in years and feel like I have control over my health and my mindset. I feel set for life now thanks to gloji"

Jules, 48, Surrey

What you get

  • A seamless digital referral and onboarding pathway. It takes less than 5 minutes for a client to sign up, create an account and begin their first session, all from their phone, tablet or computer. This means higher starts, engagement, and many more positive health outcomes compared to other solutions.

  • A truly accessible* mobile first web-app for your residents to use.

  • Inclusive stop smoking module (when released).

  • Launch support. We offer a marketing toolkit and help from our referral generation team for a successful effective launch.

  • Fast implementation in 7 days from sign-up.

  • Full data & reporting - OHID MDS compliant.

What your residents get

  • A 12-week programme, consisting of asynchronous video, gamified questions & connected reading, that can be completed in their own time from a mobile, laptop or tablet. Take a peak inside gloji.

  • Inclusive online gloji gym for all clients and commissioning staff (classes include HIIT, yoga & armchair aerobics).

  • Support from our fully qualified health mentors to help them on their journey.

  • A platform to track their progress, set targets & see success.

  • A place to make small, realistic & maintainable changes to their lifestyle that will result in long-term weight loss.

  • A wealth of recipes, articles & content to educate users from all populations on how to successfully change their lifestyle.

*Meets & exceeds WCAG2.1AA guidelines




starters in April 2022, with a 75% referral to starter rate



kilograms lost by gloji clients


of the UK population are expected to have a smartphone by 2025

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