In 2008 Thrive Tribe won its first contract and became the local Stop Smoking Service provider for the London borough of Hammersmith & Fulham. Despite only being a small organisation back then with a team of less than ten, we recognised we had something special in our passionate workforce and innovative approach to service delivery. Moving forward we’ve taken great care to build on this wonderful foundation, taking our time to prioritise ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ and pull together a team of individuals who share our values and strive to achieve our main aim:

‘To make being healthy rewarding and achievable for all’
Our contracts

We now have four main contracts. Two of these cover the provision of fully outsourced stop smoking services, one with Westminster City Council (covering Westminster and also the London Boroughs of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea) and one with the London Borough of Richmond (also covering the London Borough of Kingston)… We think it’s worth a mention here, that our recent Westminster contract follows on from a 4 year period of providing a highly successful stop smoking service in Hammersmith & Fulham, where increasing targets were exceeded year on year.

Our other two contracts are an integrated healthy lifestyle service in Luton, which covers smoking cessation, weight management (adults and children), health checks and physical activity, and a Cardiovascular Disease prevention service in the Tri-borough of London. As well as this we also provide a number of smaller products and projects including an innovative smoking prevention resource for schools (see and a “get into sport” scheme for Sports England.

Onwards and upwards

Thrive Tribe is now one of the fastest growing providers of healthy lifestyle services in the UK and currently has an annual turnover of around £3.5 million. To keep on top of our game we always aim to reinvest an amount of our financial surpluses back into our services: for example, we recently purchased a VW van which operates as a mobile quit-smoking clinic in London.

As we continue to evolve as an organisation, we remain committed to providing top quality, health improvement solutions and services in the UK, taking care to ensure that we stay true to the core organisational values which have shaped and guided us so far.

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